We are here to raise consciousness about death and dying, provide an array of support and services for end of life planning.


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Our charity helps those who want to learn and prepare for the final stage of life in advance and those who are in need of advocates and support.



Educate and provide support to members of society regarding the inevitable journey of death and dying, grief, bereavement and loss


Green Burial Cemetery

Establish an interfaith green or natural burial cemetery and memorial garden. Natural burial is an environmentally more...

friendly burial that helps conserve our planet through it's minimal impacts.

Establish a childrens hospice care facility

The majority of hospices offer end of life care as an extension of services. more...

Children who are terminally ill deserve to have a facility solely dedicated to them, for they require a different kind of atmosphere and care.

Provide grants to students

Interested in studying and pursuing a career in fields such as; gerentology, thanatology, more...

hospice and palliative care, social work, nursing and others related to end of life.


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Grief Support

Our Grief Support Groups provide a safe environment for you to look at your old beliefs about dealing with loss and which losses have affected your life.

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End of life planning

Cronu.com allows you to send messages, will documents, and passwords to your loved ones after you are gone. Help easing a bereaved person's pain.

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Grief Photography

We believe in celebrating relationships, knowing there is always something to celebrate even on the hardest days. We believe that vulnerability is beautiful.

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I have been following Sinoreh Daryadell (CEO of JC&L) for quite some time, and her latest work with Journey Care & Legacy Inc is impressive.This FB group has met the needs of many - patients and caregivers alike. All one needs to do is read some of the comments in discussion, and it will become obvious that this group if fulfilling the needs of many. Sinorah is both dedicated and committed, and follows her heart in the organization's mission. With time, I look forward to applauding her many accomplishments. In the meantime, thank you for fulfilling the needs of so many in this group.

Lydia Lodynsky

As a Homehealth Aide, I'm glad to see Journey Care & Legacy help pointing the way to meeting people's hospice and palliative care needs. I've seen firsthand how, in my case, inhome hospice care, can make all the difference in helping the client and family go through the end stages of life. Hopefully, as word spreads, more and more people will see the value of, and choose hospice for their end of life needs.

Gary Orrell
Stephen Ambrosich

Journey Care opens and supports discussion and involvement concerning the erosive experience of loneliness within the process of aging and the often non-acknowledged terminality of living life. Information and support services can be readily linked to those seeking the support of contact. Yes…the internet itself is not all that personal, but the human contact of one person to another across city, state and national boundaries draws people into a support network. This then is the open circle of support as extended by Journey Care.

Stephen Ambrosich
Amy Red Feather

I felt so supported, thank you so much for your care and concern. It is very hard to be alone and sick, and to have a caring voice (many voices) at the end of the phone line was an amazing thing for me. Thank you

Amy Red Feather
Steve Sewell

I'm grateful to have a relationship with Journey Care and Legacy. Hospice and end of life care is such a value to what I do and the people and places I help teach and train. These folks are the real deal.

Steve Sewell